Data virtualization and provisioning made easy. Establish an always-current data foundation in spite of diverse sources or older core systems.

No more juggling between huge, cumbersome data warehouses and narrow, special purpose databases. VoltageTM supersedes all of that by establishing a dynamic data flow that serves up the right data in the right places at the right times.

Data is like jet fuel to a business. If it gets diluted or becomes stale, it can create big problems down the line. Yet that is exactly what many businesses face.

It's ironic (and sad) that in an age when a veritable avalanche of data is generated with each passing moment, a business can still have trouble assembling something as simple as a system of record. Which is why VoltageTM is so exciting.

VoltageTM serves up data wherever and however it's needed. It literally shapes and transforms raw data so you can operate with agility and confidence.

There is no limit to the number of data sources or processes that can be applied with VoltageTM. Data sources and transformations are easily changed as your business needs evolve.

VoltageTM establishes the data framework and insight needed for timely decisions and informed business choices.

VoltageTM "connects the dots" between individual customers, groups of customers, and accounts, revealing intricate relationships and insights that previously went undetected. Sales and marketing initiatives are especially energized by tapping into the power of valuable, but unused and underused, data.


  • Reveals customer insights for accurate, timely decisions
  • Ensures well-Informed business choices
  • Uncovers rich, multi-dimensional customer views
  • Eliminates stale, inaccurate information
  • Connects the dots and uncovers connections between customers and accounts that previously went undetected
  • Introduces greater efficiency, speed, and accuracy
  • Sales and marketing are especially energized by tapping into valuable data that is unused and underused

How It Works



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Optional Functionality

Householding is a routine step in sales and marketing efforts that some businesses, such as financial institutions, rely on. VoltageTM offers a proprietary householding function that brings greater accuracy and deeper meaning to this routine procedure. VoltageTM also makes householding a current-state metric based on multi-dimensional customer and household views. Here are just a few highlights:

  • A fresh approach that accommodates non-traditional householding techniques
  • Formatting and Standardization
  • Surname Identification and Recognition
  • Customer and Household Summary

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