The link between RFM and predictions that marketers have been waiting for. Take data analysis to the next level.

RFM (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value) is a proven method of segmenting customers. However, as a spreadsheet-based methodology, RFM quickly becomes cumbersome and has rather rigid limitations.

SuperRFMTM overcomes the inherent shortcomings of traditional RFM starting with the most severe—a limit of three dimensions. SuperRFMTM lets you use as many additional dimensions as you like. Imagine adding product data, demographics or even channel types to the analytical mix.

This is not your grandfather's RFM. No more unmanageable spreadsheets. No more sifting and sorting through endless tables. SuperRFMTM is a wizard-driven application that lets you point-and-click your way to segmentation success.

SuperRFMTM combines the straightforward principles of cell-based segmentation with contemporary analytical techniques for faster, deeper insight on customers and markets.

SuperRFMTM takes advantage of an ASA proprietary method for handling and analyzing data. This allows SuperRFMTM to use statistically-driven calculations to set optimized breakpoints on cell ranges. If you like, try setting your own breakpoints and compare them with what SuperRFMTM recommends.

With traditional RFM it's easy to "over fish" top performing segments. Bypassing obvious responders in favor of lower performing segments can seem almost counter-intuitive, but that is exactly what needs done every now and then. SuperRFMTM manages the entire process—from creating campaigns to tracking results—making it easier to focus on more than just the highest performing customers.

SuperRFMTM is also powerful enough to analyze high volumes of data, and expertly handle dense or "fat" data (meaning lots of fields per record and/or lots of values per field).

The Sandbox feature of SuperRFMTM makes it easy (and exciting) to evaluate "what-if" scenarios and include a historical perspective of data—like a time machine for customer behavior. When you are happy with what you see, it's equally as convenient to put those segments to work.


  • Go Deep! Analyze up to 16 levels (that's 4,096 possible cells!)
  • Easily conduct ad-hoc segmentation and customize cell ranges on the fly
  • Gain historical insights by comparing past campaigns
  • Quickly access and manage source data
  • Conveniently analyze historical performance against "what-if" possibilities through an exclusive Sand-Box facility
  • View customer reports and campaign analysis with a single-click
  • Easily cherry-pick customers into a campaign for the ultimate control

How It Works

Import Prior Campaign

Create Template & Segments

Play in Sandbox

Generate Targeted Lists