Finally. Incentive Management that's 100% accountable from start to finish.

It's no secret that money is a motivator, which is why sales incentives help generate revenue. But if incentives are cumbersome to award or to track reliably (typical of spreadsheets or manual methods), they can quickly lose their appeal and effectiveness.

Quantum® from ASA makes it convenient to establish, manage, and administer incentive and variable compensation programs enterprise-wide. Quantum® uses a straightforward approach to transform strategic performance goals into achievable metrics.

Typically there are two major areas that suck up vast amounts of time with Incentive Management. The first is time spent by managers who use and manage the system to keep track of who should get what. The second group may not be as apparent, but collectively, is significant…the individuals who get rewarded via the system.

How much work time do you think employees spend trying to determine if the last monthly or quarterly payout was correct? This alone can justify Quantum®.

Setup is not difficult. The same goes for administration. And ultimately, there is greater efficiency and reliability for all concerned.

If you are still using spreadsheets it's time to make the switch. With Quantum® you can keep the things that work and shed the things that don't. A fresh start and a faster more convenient way to move forward.


  • Align employee rewards with corporate initiatives and goals
  • Tailor incentives based on any dimension such as job function, organizational level, or tiered goals
  • Create incentive libraries, ensuring consistency and ongoing time savings
  • Establish incentives with tiered goals–Threshold, Baseline and Stretch
  • Adjust goals based on historical performance and experience levels
  • Standardize and automate payouts
  • Include special incentives such as driving traffic to a new location for a specific timeframe
  • Monitor and measure performance at every step including compensation

How It Works

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