ASA Products Are Now
Agilytics Products

Agilytics is more than a new d/b/a name. Collectively, ASA products are now known as the Agilytics platform. What remains the same though is our commitment to great products and outstanding customer service.

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  • Product icon of finger pushing a button

    ModelMAX is now
    Agilytics ML
    Our flagship changed the 'how' & 'who' of predictive & descriptive analytics. It doesn't get easier or more precise + 64-bit is screaming fast.

  • Product icon of to-do list

    DecisionBuilder BatchRunner is now
    Agilytics TASKS
    A true workhorse. Data processing is boring & tedious. TASKS makes it convenient, consistent, accountable. How did you manage without it?

  • Product icon of person diagraming choices

    DecisionBuilder Designer is now
    Agilytics RULES
    No programming. Even adding predictive scores to decisions is easy. Enjoy freedom typical of a BRE + the power, flexibility & finite control of rule trees.

  • Product icon of gears in box depicting server settings and power.

    DecisionBuilder Server is now
    Agilytics SERVER

    The web services hub for RULES, TASKS & processes outside Agilytics. Deploy ML output & more with a single click, special data steps & all.

  • Voltage for Banking remains the same (for now)
    Smart data hub & pipeline is a game changer even for small FIs. Is a system of record a struggle? How about getting department numbers to jive? Goodbye data hassles. Hello productivity & operational alignment.

  • COA remains the same (for now)
    Customer Opportunity Advisor (emphasis on Opportunity) is CRM on steroids. Even reluctant staff become sales rock stars. Every aspect is controllable. Analytical. Systematic. Proactive. Accountable.

  • Agility Engine remains the same (for now)
    Hosted scoring & web services are SO easy! The same goes for adding business logic & data processing for robust automated decisioning. Consume analytics a little or a lot, without burdening IT.

  • Professional Services
    Leave the heavy lifting to us. Turn around is amazingly fast & everything is explained in business-speak, so you take ownership quickly & confidently. There's no such thing as too small or too big.