Essentials by Role / Department


Liberate IT from time drains like creating new data fields or pulling special files for "what if" analysis. Imagine no more coding (and recoding) of algorithms or rules. ASA handles all this and more automatically. If change is the only true constant, and it's your job to manage it, you need ASA.


Sales is a production game and the more consistently it's played, the better. This is why ASA's proactive approach for fueling and managing the entire sales cycle is so appealing. Generate, prioritize, assign and monitor every opportunity worth pursuing with factory-like efficiency.


Marketing sets the pace, building excitement while maintaining control. It's why marketers are so keen on ASA. Built-in analytical safeguards and push-button ease for putting things into action means autonomy from statisticians, programmers and an overtaxed IT department.

Risk / Fraud

Talk about a balancing act. There's a lot to be gained (or lost) and time is not on your side. ASA instituted real-time scoring of instant credit requests to spot ID fraud, bringing speed and precision to a highly manual, error-prone process. That was 20+ years ago and we're still innovating.

Customer Service

Customer Service, done correctly, requires familiarity with products, systems, procedures and human nature. That's a tall order. ASA blends all of this plus relevant data to create a single customized customer view, and when appropriate, transforms service interactions into sales opportunities.


if getting everyone within an LOB on the same page is a challenge, how do you align multiple departments and LOBs? ASA makes synergy a reality with drop-in ease. Here's a tip—efficiency starts with the system—if it's convoluted and lacking, chances are what it produces will be too.