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Seamless email integration is here.

Certain aspects of email marketing are well known, such as the importance of using clean, opt-in lists. Other terms, such as "opens" and "click thru rates" are almost as common because email marketing is so dominant in today's business world. But why stop there?

ASA offers a complete range of email marketing services, including integration with our automated analytics and opportunity management solutions.

Anyone who likes pouring over their email marketing results should be begging for the most important one of all…the tie between email recipients and specific business activity.

ASA closes this very vital part of the interaction loop, finally making email marketing fully accountable.

Email marketing is part of the new Agilytics platform from ASA and includes all the features and functionality you would expect of an enterprise-level solution such as welcome emails, A/B testing, trigger messages, inbox testing and more.

Group, filter and target subscribers with ease. Industry best practices ensure the highest possible inbox delivery.

Complete details for every campaign, subscriber and subscriber action can be viewed online. Reports can be based on specific activities, date ranges, publication types etc. And everything can be exported for additional drill down and inclusion in other reports.


  • Target based on purchase behavior, events, or whatever is important to your strategy
  • Post campaigns to Facebook and Twitter with a single click
  • Filter based on transactions, conditions, action, or geography including distance to a specific IP address
  • Establish automatic workflows using logic customized to your goals
  • Setup relay sends using SMTP or Rest API
  • Integrate results into other ASA solutions such as COA (Customer Opportunity Advisor) for systematic integration with Opportunity Management

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