DecisionBuilderTM brings speed, convenience and agility to deploying analytics and data-driven business rules.

Analytics aren't much good if you can't use the information and insights that they produce.

DecisionBuilderTM gives business users control over decision management so they can create and deploy business rules and analytical processes without IT support.

Decision management can be challenging, especially for SMBs. Typically, business processes and business logic are locked away in code, making them time-consuming to change and maintain. A smarter, better approach is to use rules to drive those processes. A bona fide business application, DecisionBuilderTM ensures decision management does not become the next major bottleneck for adopting and expanding data-driven analytics.

DecisionBuilderTM lets you focus on strategy and refinement. Combining business rules and analytics with business processes is fast and convenient. So is administration and testing.

DecisionBuilderTM becomes the hub for your decision management strategy. It integrates predictive models, descriptive models, and business rules to become part of the decision flow for real-time decisioning.

DecisionBuilderTM features a rich set of rule types, decision trees, expressions and tables, eliminating the need for conventional programming or special skills. You can create, manage, test and implement a complete analytics plan with point and click simplicity.

DecisionBuilderTM works directly with ModelMAX®, our predictive and descriptive modeling application. When a model is put into production, DecisionBuilderTM automatically handles what used to be a special IT request. It applies business rules for using model scores and automatically handles the entire implementation process.

DecisionBuilderTM is a scalable, fault-tolerant, fail-safe web-service solution that lets you quickly establish a veritable decision factory. It's perfect for any organization that wants a powerful, flexible, straightforward way to apply decision management and data-driven analytics without overcommitting time or resources.


  • Innovative user interface eliminates the need for conventional programming
  • Augments and automates existing business processes such as campaign eligibility criteria and multi-step campaigns
  • Exclusive integration with ModelMAX®, our predictive modeling application
  • Quickly deploy complex or customized segmentation, scoring and qualification processes
  • Implement decision processes as a web service with a single-click
  • Simple and intuitive way to write, manage and implement an analytics plan that includes business rules, events and more
  • Schedule and manage any number of data processing tasks
  • Easily control business operations and quickly adapt to changes, even critical ones
  • Streamline and automate business processes and workflows

How It Works



Visually craft decision processes using rule trees and flexible decision nodes



Executes the logic and actions for the processes you've defined


Batch Runner

Integrate this ASA server-side application to schedule and manage decision management tasks. A workhorse of an application you will go to again and again