COATM (Customer Opportunity Advisor—for Opportunity Management)

Why limit automation and optimization to just outbound Marketing? True synergy happens when everyone works together all of the time. With COA there are no more excuses why valuable opportunities inevitably slip away.

Look at your business through your customer's eyes. They see a single entity, not LOBs or separate departments. You need a similar holistic view of them. One that's not limited to singular functions like Sales, Marketing, Underwriting or Service.

COA is that complete, seamless view. It ties marketing to sales, sales to service, and so on. With COA everyone/team member and every effort are aligned and accountable.

COA establishes a dynamic customer profile. And that profile is easily configured to fit your culture and organizational needs.

By design, COA systematically identifies and presents new customer opportunities in priority order based on whatever matters to you, including valuation, context, time-sensitivity, and each staff member's skill level to properly handle opportunities.

Using predictive models and business rules, COA uncovers customer insights and seamlessly delivers next-best-actions across the organization. It also records the actions taken and dynamically resets for the next engagement. The result? A data-driven opportunity stream that eliminates operational and informational gaps.

COA cultivates genuine collaboration and accountability across the organization. Opportunities are assigned and adeptly guided to completion. COA accommodates scripts, product information, documents, links etc. to successfully manage each opportunity. As opportunities are worked every interaction is tracked.

For organizations that already have systems for customer contact, sales, service etc., COA becomes the conduit for integration and augments overall system value. And if such systems are being considered for purchase, an overhaul or upgrade, COA can be a ready-made alternative that immediately serves as the system of record for customer interaction and updates.

If you want "focus" and "teamwork" to become operational realities and not just poster slogans on the break-room wall, you want COA.

Put the spotlight where it should be, on customers, the customer experience and what should happen next.


  • Guide the Customer Experience regardless of channel
  • Foster collaboration within and among departments and LOBs
  • Increase employee productivity especially among customer-facing roles
  • Streamline customer communication and cater to their preferences
  • Eliminate the expense and hassle of maintaining multiple systems
  • Track and monitor all activity from the moment an opportunity emerges to completion, including how it originated, its value, any reassignments or changes to priority and more
  • Improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and ultimately, retention
  • Have it all—enjoy Marketing Automation, Pipeline Management, CRM and more—everyone working together to drive sales, increase market share, and systematically achieve your goals

How It Works

Data is systematically mined

Rules & analytics determine value & priority

Everyone knows what needs focus & why

Mix and Match Modules