Agility EngineTM

Predictive analytics give insight, reveal patterns, and more. No one makes applying analytics easier and more convenient than ASA.

Agility Engine is the real deal. We're not talking filters or inferences. This is analytical scoring at its best. Unparalleled precision customized to your data, your business, and delivered with off-the-shelf speed.

Agility Engine is not limited to predictive or quantitative scores. You can just as easily do descriptive or qualitative scoring.

If descriptive or qualitative analytics aren't familiar terms, don't worry. How about profiling, birds-of-a-feather or like-minded groups? Or maybe k-nearest neighbor or cluster analysis?

Wondering what types of predictive scores Agility Engine can handle? That's easy. Anything and everything. For example, sales, marketing, risk, finance, collections, business development and customer retention can all do their own thing.

Are you currently scoring some other way? Great. You already know what an asset scoring is and can appreciate the added benefits ASA brings to the table, like squeezing every bit of value from data (even if it's sparse and dirty) and integrating scores into all sorts of business processes, not just a sales pipeline.

ASA has a long history in predictive scoring. So while scoring sales leads is a nice start (we do that with one arm tied behind our back), what about customer development and retention? Or knowing each customer's long-term value and profitability potential, early on in the relationship? ASA is also experienced in other areas like risk, fraud and collections, areas that come with legal and compliance considerations.

Here at ASA we speak all sorts of languages including SAS and Assembler. We're also fluent in Needed-this-yesterday and Time-is-money-so-don't-make-me-wait.

To learn just how quick and easy it is to enjoy the many benefits of customized predictive AND descriptive scoring, talk with ASA. You can be up and running with the push of a button!


  • Apply predictive AND descriptive scores with push-button ease
  • Score using advanced algorithms, not just filters, segments or rules
  • Pay for scoring, not the model*
  • Attain the greatest value possible from your data
  • Work smarter across all departments and LOBs:
    • Sales and Marketing – Optimize customer acquisition, development, retention and reactivation including prospecting, cross-selling, upselling, churn, look-alikes and more
    • Risk and Fraud – Determine credit worthiness, early defaults, bankruptcy and more
    • Collections and Portfolio Management – Know how much can be recovered, how quickly, the degree of difficulty (to assign cases to senior or junior staff) and more
    • Customer Service and Life Cycle Management – Turn customer issues into positive business opportunities with timely expert handling and guide the long-term evolution of customers

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* Available with certain restrictions.