3 Easy Steps for Data-Driven Success

No doubt about it, data is synonymous with power. Knowing what to do with all that data was once a form of power too. Fortunately, those technical bottlenecks are in the rearview mirror.

ASA has a faster, proven 3-step approach for data-driven success. Which means if you want to write mathematical programs and tinker with algorithms ASA is probably not for you. But if you want to get down to business and exploit technology to drive revenue, reduce costs, guide and strengthen customer relationships, mitigate risk, and above all, save unprecedented amounts of time, look no further.

ASA automates and optimizes data-driven operations so you achieve your goals with precision, speed and convenience.

Analyze. Decide. Act. The new cycle of success from ASA.

First, analyze your data. It doesn't matter where it is or what form it's in. Access is key though, which is why BI specialists are a natural choice to take on this step. So are marketing, risk and finance folks who want to get the most from their data. For predictions and cluster analysis, use ModelMAX®. To segment and cherry-pick, use SuperRFM®. Remember, all math and statistical procedures are done automatically by our software.

Predict. Cluster. Segment. Target.

Next up, decision making—systematically. If you can't easily use analytics in a well-rounded decisioning process, how can you expect to get value from it all? ASA brings simplicity and speed to what historically has been a complicated, labor intensive activity. Use DecisionBuilderTM to easily establish, monitor and manage your decision management strategies.

Rules. Processes. Decisions. Services.

Last, but not least, is taking action. Predictive models are done and decision flows are setup. Now what? In business, moving it all into production is the end game. Which is why ASA gives you lots of options. Mix-n-match what suits your operations. Select from Email Marketing and Automation, Opportunity Management, Incentive Management, Scoring Online and more.

Email. Marketing Automation. Scoring.